I was judged for being psychic

I was handing out flyers for my reading services at the National Folk Festival in Greensboro, NC. I was excited, as I have never done this before and I was ready to meet other like-minded individuals in my city (it’s rather hard to do so considering I live in Bible Belt, USA.).

I started with a huge smile as I quietly approached individuals, stepping outside of my introverted box. Nearly everyone received me well…a few people asked for on the spot readings to which I obliged by giving just a bit of insight. Others just weren’t interested in taking the flyer no matter the content. Later that evening I received a text message as a result of one of the flyers. I was excited because my flyers worked rather fast. Instead of the warm welcoming, “how do your readings work” message I thought I would get… it read (verbatim):

“Hey Jennifer, it was nice to meet you. You just handed me your flyer and you introduced yourself as a psychic. I’m sure you talk to a great deal of people all the time. I’m not looking to seek your services but would like to share Jesus with you. He is the Clarity all people are seeking. I’d be open to talking with you more. The Holy Spirit will give you more clarity than you have ever had. If you really want to help people and show people love and care accept Jesus Christ, read the Bible and build a relationship with God”

Hmmmmmm….I immediately thought, “Ugh!” I shouldn’t have handed out these dumb flyers!” Then I shifted to feelings of anger, then judgment, then “I’ll just ignore the text”. It burned deep into my spirit and ultimately I responded.

“I love meeting new people and I’m glad that you contacted me. First I must say I was unsure how to respond because I was offended by the assuming nature of the text. However, after deliberation, I decided to respond. I was raised Christian, can sing several gospel songs…was baptized and even was told I would become a preacher while I was young. My path now matters not how religiously connected I am but my closeness with the construct of God, Spirit, higher self etc. Everyone has different paths in their lives and regardless if I decide to be a Christian Muslim or Hindu….i walk in the ultimate path of love. It’s actually my motto….to bring more love than hate in the world. I believe in the power of Jesus as he was one of the greatest master teachers that walked the earth. To assume that I do not know who He is….is the very thing that we should eliminate. Less judgment and more acceptance….even if our paths are different. Let this not serve as a matter of “she should be saved”….but as a matter of acceptance and love though we walk different paths.”

I thought I had settled this conversation. I felt that I should just explain what it means to be psychic and how we need to eliminate the judgment especially when it is disguised as “love and non-judgment”. I was wrong. She responded again and I realized, that I did not accurately define Who I Am and what spirituality means to me personally.

HER RESPONSE: ” Thank you for responding. Like I mentioned it we can talk more. I’m not saying you should be saved, I’m simply stating that there is only one answer to clarity and the questions people are seeking answers to in life- and it is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe it is my genuine act of worship to share love with you, being honest in that He is the only way.”

NOW I AM UPSET!! How in the hell does she think I don’t “love people” because according to her, I should begin to tell people they are wrong and that I am right!

This is similar to an analogy I created-

Let’s just say that you are new to town and you are looking for a hair salon to go to. You find that there are so many different places in town that offer the exact hairstyle that you want called, TRUTH. You find a Salon A, you are exactly sure that you want to go to Salon A and you finally set an appointment. On your way to Salon A, you stop and ask directions from a stranger.

Person: “I am looking for Salon A. I have found this particular salon to be great at giving me the TRUTH style, but I just need to get there.”

Stranger: ” YOU are going to SALON A!?”

Person: “Yes, I just need to know if you can give me directions please”

Stranger: “You can’t go to Salon A. Salon B is the only place that you can get the TRUTH style.”

Person: “Well no, I have done my research and I am sure that I want to go to Salon A. Are you able to help me?”

Stranger:  (Hears exactly what you are saying, but chooses to ignore)”I know how to get to Salon A, but I am not going to help you. I am telling you (more like demanding) that you go to Salon B. It is the absolutely ONLY way you can get TRUTH style”

By now you get the point. How can someone demand that you ONLY go to Salon B, when you know in your heart that you want to go to Salon A because that is where you will find your TRUTH style? It sounds just silly and this is just about how the rest of this conversation with HER goes. Even though I was frustrated, I decided to reply with the most concise answer I could give her and in the most educated way.

MY RESPONSE: ” I am only open to a conversation if there is an opened mind involved. But I am hesitant to agree because of the statement “the only way”. When I help people and bringing them the clarity that they search for….I am only being used as a vessel. A vessel used by God. I claim no authorship of the words that I give people. For every reading, I pray that God and the Angles are involved. There have been many people throughout history that do what I do within Christianity but they are called prophets. I am no different. After speaking with people, many have gained a brighter sense of life….including those who have contemplated suicide or have been repeatedly raped by their mothers boyfriend. To give you a little better of an understanding, I am not a storefront give me your money type reader…My words to people are not of this Earth, I help people regardless of their religion or lack of. I read their energy and talk to them not just on a surface level of what I can see but on a spiritual level….giving them spiritual godly advice from God. I am no one to tell anyone that there is only way to their truth. And if their truth lies within Christianity, I speak to them on that level, something that they can relate to.

I am open to a conversation, however, I have a very clear understanding of theology considering my professional degrees in spirituality and psychology, and through my own personal experience. however, it must not be one sided. I am willing to hear what you have to say as long as you are willing to hear from me and learn as well.”

If we were more accepting vs challenging, the world would be a better place. How can love come from a place of judgement? The point of this post is to NOT bash any religious beliefs. I ENCOURAGE you to continue on whatever path you choose. I am in no way able to judge anyone else for living their life the way they want. I am only here on Earth, living life the way I find suitable and if anyone else wants to come along with the ride with me, I am more than happy to bring them along. Hell, I MARRIED a guy who identifies as Christian! Do we have varying opinions? Yes. Are we completely respectful of each other? Of course! Do we disagree on some of the theology based in Christianity? Yes. Does that mean we have to go at each other’s throat? Nope! We love each other regardless and that will never change.

My words of wisdom: Love More + Judge Less = More Light in this world.

**Since then I have had no response from her as I expected. If I receive one, I will update this post.

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