10 Signs Your Are Spiritually Evolving

When I moved back home to North Carolina, it was refreshing after being away for 12 years.

In an effort to get settled, after a while, I realized that I was lonely. I left my college friends behind and most of my childhood friends were still living elsewhere  (though separated physically they are always in my heart).

With a child in tow, I set out to make new friends in my local area. I thought oh this is going to be hard because I was now over 30 and making friends as an adult is kinda like platonic dating. And I realized this was going to be an interesting journey.

I thought I could make just any ol friends. If we had some things in common things should be ok right? Nope, I was wrong. I felt awkward around most of the people I met because I wanted to talk mystical things but the looks I would get shut that down quickly. Or the ones who complained…OMG that really irked my spirit. I so badly wanted to scream out to them just WHY they shouldn’t complain or tell them why they were going through such things. But instead, I held my peace and shied away from such conversations.

My daughter sitting in the front seat of our Uhaul on moving day

“Universe, Please send me a group of chicks that I can talk to about spirits and intuition, the law of attraction, have a few drinks with and occasionally go hang out. Let me get along with them and have fun together and who won’t judge”

Almost 2 years later, I ran across a variety of people, and finally found both new friends and reconnected with old friends. People who “got” me. My community was growing and they came in the oddest of ways. For example, the girl in my business class who was so eclectic and crazy funny, (we talk every day now). Or the mentor/friend- we met through a rabbit-hole google adventure of mine all because I wanted to find a Mediumship circle in my area and she introduced me to others.

The universe heard me….as I knew it always would. I now have wonderful old sister-friends from childhood to college to add to my later in life friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Feeling odd or wanting more out of life with no one to talk to about it? Read below for 10 signs you are evolving and if any of them fits your, it may be time to enhance your circle with friends who understand just what you are going through.

Top 10 Signs Your Are Spiritually Evolving

  1. You find yourself waking up early morning hours between 3am and 5am
  2. Your “ah ha” moments and inspiration seem to come from a place other than your own.
  3. Feeling a little lost and not sure of the next direction in life
  4. You begin feeling like the oddball in your circle of friends
  5. You see repeating numbers patterns everywhere from the car mileage to the clock etc
  6. When staring at the stars/moon/sky, a part of you feels a connectedness that’s unexplainable
  7. You start watching/reading less and less of the news.
  8. Suddenly you hear a voice, you look around and wonder, “what the hell!?”
  9. More and more “coincidences” appear and you think there may be something to it
  10. Your dreams become more than just dreams- with more vividness to them in both color and feeling

BONUS: You found yourself buying a deck of oracle cards because they were pretty and now you stare at them asking, “now what” while still inside an unopened box

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